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9th and hennepin
universal pipe of peace
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le petite l'explication
Jazz Police
The ghosts of Saturday night (after hours at Napoleone's Pizza House)
love conquers all (but nothing lasts forever)
5 years
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So if its just a hobby...
probably not a song
i predict a riot
maak het krakenfestival wakker
not merely a 19th century villain
car crash 1975
The death of television
last train to pimlico
medusa meets a virus
it's all just quantum theory innit
Game Over

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Words from when the paint didn't flow

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History, herstory, ourstory

I’m here to tell you a story in my classical poetry style

About some prohibitionists all of whom I think were vile

Although classical style is a stretch of reality as you will quickly see

But the second line is the honest truth I’m sure you will agree

It started with a politician name of William Hearst

Eventually joined by others but he was really the first

He owned a lot of newspapers and forests to make paper with

He appeared as an honest businessman but acted like a spiv

He invented yellow journalism to make his papers sell

So instead of news there was fiction and it made the president yell

‘When I open up my paper to read all of the news

I want to read the facts of it not some journalistic views’

The president’s name was Theodore he invented National Parks

Lots of the land owned by William Hearst, Ted’s bite was as bad as his bark

So Hearst could not cut trees down to run his paper mills

So he looked to his land in Mexico which was part of America still

So off he went to cut down trees with his usual ornery gang

But they were stopped by Pancho Villa’s crew and thwarted in their plan

Mexico at this time was annexed but negotiating independence

And its president had pardoned all bandits to give himself ascendance

 Pancho Villa’s bandit gang had joined the northern division

Their battle song La Cucaracha caused Hearst’s men indecision

They sang of Marijuana of which Hearst’s men had never heard

So Hearst vilified Marijuana and Mexicans to which other racists concurred

This went on for twenty years until he joined up with some others

Many it seemed had similar views about our brown skinned brothers

Andrew Mellon oft overlooked was the US Treasury Secretary of state

His banks were invested in fossil views so hemp was something to hate

He made his niece’s husband head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics

A racist guy named Anslinger who claimed marijuana made people psychotic

He then employed a specialist Doctor James Munch

A man who was to put it plainly, was clearly out to lunch

He claimed in court and this is a fact

Smoking Marijuana turned him into a bat

Mellon teamed up with Lammot DuPont who also owned General Motors

And John D Rockefeller and some other fossil oil promoters

Between them they made growing far too expensive for even the richest hemp farmer

The Rockefeller’s had all the herbalist closed down in favour of their modern Pharma

With the Marijuana Tax act firmly entrenched in the law

They lobbied the world to follow their path but greed was what it was for

Over the years activists have tried to make governments to see their mistake

But here in the UK it seems obvious to me why the initiative is so hard to take

Those here invested in the cannabis industry

Would lose a lot of profit if they make our actions free

So what is the hold up and who is to blame?

Corporations or Government, or are they one and the same?

Dit bit is opzettelijk leeg

Goodnights to Human Rights

Animals it seems feel no pain unless they live in France or Spain

Or anywhere else that isn’t insane but in Britain the animals feel no pain

If you think that’s a joke there’s worse to come your rights eroded by political scum

Ignore what is said behind their sales pitches and they’ll do what they like without any hitches

Their salesman tells you when it’s gone it’s gone and there go your rights one by one

Hark at the sounds of insidious laughter a feudal system is what they’re after

They really don’t listen to me or you they were voted in and they’ll do what they do

Back to the animals who they say feel no pain

They consider us animals we’re one and the same

It's just a plant

When they heard of a plant that grew like a weed, with the most nutritious edible seed,

Its medicinal properties were second to none, with thousands of uses and then still some.

If they used it for bricks it’s a carbon sink that could clean up the air but still they didn’t think,

Could be spun into fabric for clothes and more, well at least that’s how it was before.

They’ve made it illegal to own or consume and don’t plant that seed it’s illegal to bloom

So now they just follow an ancient lie, it’s a dangerous drug so they’ll pass it by,

Medicinal value it has none, so they’re going to leave it in schedule one.

A lie it was then not an inkling of truth that they hold onto now despite all the proof.

The world is much wiser than it was way back when and soon we’ll have medicine growing again,

Out in the open where it ought to be not hidden in closets but proud and free,

And on that day I’ll stand and smile we’ll have won the fight and it’s been quite a while.

Questions and Insanity?

Are you disabled? It’s hard to say

Are you in pain, just everyday

Will it get better, I think it will not

Anything help? Illegal Pot

Why is it illegal if it helps with your pain?

You could ask my government, but I think they’re insane

We’ve asked them before and we’ll ask them again

But hark what I said I think they’re insane

Cannabis, Pot, Illegal Weed

Illegal because of corporate greed

Just trust when I say it helps with my pain

Or believe their lies then you’re also insane

Stop, get the fuck out of your car,

take off your shoes and walk on the land

The hard times are coming it’s hard to deny

Look at the climate look at the sky

Eventually they’ll cut down most of the trees

And the ones that are left will be full of disease

Thousands of species go extinct every year

But the average citizen still don’t care

There’ll be Flora museums and Fauna zoos

When the natural has gone and nothings renewed

With their GM seeds they’ll try to grow food

But with GM seeds plantings too crude

Those seeds need the chemicals made out of oil

They were never designed to grow just in soil

There’ll soon be no oil for plastic or cars

Unless they discover a supply on Mars

With the air too polluted and food really short

They’ll look to the pasts ignored lessons taught

By then it’s too late and there’s no turning back

Too late to fix it or pick up the slack


There will still be roads from this place to that

But no life in sight not even a cat

Marijuana, Cannabis, Pot or Ganja

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Such squabbling over semantics

Is probably ok for you new romantics

Divisions haven’t there been enough

It’s Just a word that’s petty stuff

If you argue with me over a word

I’ll turn my cos I think it’s absurd

Or maybe I'm mistaken or maybe you haven't heard

Cannabis use isn't legal or even de-criminalised

The plant was never illegal but its users were always despised

Back to what I was saying about arguing over a word

Do you think it's not deliberate that they steer you like a herd

Marijuana isn't racist marijuana’s just a word

And if you knew the history you’d know it’s quite absurd

The word only entered English through a man named William Hearst

He was a part of the abomination and one of the very worst

Another was a banker the US Treasury Secretary of State

Who wanted Hemp to disappear to make his investments great

He invested into fossil fuels an industry spreading its wings

With fossil oils in everything imagine the wealth that brings

So prohibition wasn’t really about people getting high

Marijuana the word was bandied about by a very racist guy

He was married to the niece of the banker now let me tell you why

His main task just prohibition and to get legislation by

If you were obviously downright racist it was quite acceptable see

If you weren’t what they call Caucasian you were looked at differently

The man in question was that and more Anslinger was his name

He made sure the word marijuana would enter the halls of fame

He fooled the people in the west that marijuana was a pest

Everyone knew what cannabis was for fabulous medicine and so much more

Cannabis they all agreed was a very useful non dangerous weed

He told the whole world marijuana was bad

which made some greedy people very glad

But he tricked them all by using a word

that most of the people hadn’t heard

If you think that’s crazy it’s gets far worse than that

It turned a guy named Doctor Munch into a fuckin bat

They must have paid him a lot of money

To swear it in court cos he’d just look funny

But funny or not people believed

Anslinger was seen to be visibly relieved

There were others too in this plot about marijuana, weed, cannabis, pot

The owners of DuPont and that guy named William Hearst

The Rockerfellers were also in that gang I call the worst

Because prohibitionists are all the same

Don’t trip on semantics don’t play their game

So the name marijuana and this is my point

When you vape or eat or light your joint

It’s just a word and not worth arguing

Unless you are a puppet on a very outdated string

But if we continue I guarantee this war we will never win